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I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you:


Thank you to that guy I married, Rene, for opening the door to this world and introducing me to the support I needed for all the challenges this new world has presented.

A huge thank you to Alexis Arredondo from City Alchemist, and Stephen Belyeu from The Night Owl: True Ghost Stories, without them I would still be lost. 

Thank you to my son, Alex, for being the patient person he is and being the very heart of me.

Thank you to my daughter, Destiny for continually bringing the inspiration to live. 

Thank you to Elaine Ireland, my mentor/twin spirit, Ray Wallace and Kevin McKenzie from Royal Legion Tattoo, without your encouragement I would not have followed this path. 

Let us not forget my magical personal assistant Alexys Flores, without her I'd never know what day it is and simple technology would just eat me alive.

Thank you to the Metaphysicalu practitioners, AJ Sanchez, Alexys Flores, Jax Wolf & DeeDee Hawk, who have followed me into the unknown and just keep going.

Thank You

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