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Metaphysicalu partners with many practitioners in  multiple modalities. Add to your self-care by coupling your therapies, spiritual and physical recovery with any one of these practitioners and support all three points of recovery: physical, mental and spiritual.

Practitioners in Spirit

An Austin area psychic for over 40 years, Elaine is a tarot master and leader in psychic development. 

Spiritual Healer & Life Coach. His services include Energy Healing such as Reiki and Seichem, Intuitive Readings, and Mediumship

Meg has studied and established a practice in Integrative restoration (IRest), Sound healing. Meg strives for welcoming space for individuals of all experience and backgrounds. 

Alexis & Eric owners of City Alchemist Occult Books & Candles. Where the Witches shop.

Practitioners in Body

Nancy & Efren offer non-invasive analysis called Nutrition Response Testing. Testing your neurological reflexes and determine how your nervous system is doing and how to develop a tailor-made nutritional program that will support and begin to heal your body. 

Dr. Ben Spitzenberger and Dr. Gerard Liboiron D.C. bring you the ancient practice of bone setting in the modern world. Correcting Alignment issues in the neurological and skeletal system since 2007.  Meet the Chiropractors.

Rebecca Andres is an energy healer specializing in Colorpuncturing. @colorpuncturetx

Rebecca Ayer offers orthopedic massage & body mobilization techniques that aid in recovery of physical injury and muscular pain.

Practitioners in Mind

Access Bars and pragmatic tools to change things in your life that you haven't been able to change, until now. Experience Access Bars through certified MPU practitioners or other facilitators.

Pastor Ramon Perez provides assistance to those in need who are experiencing some form of supernatural event and curses in their homes, places of business or personally within themselves. 

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